Evergreen Marketing

For creators looking to continuously grow their community and achieve predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

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What’s Included

If you are a creator who has already launched a membership community, this is for you. We base your evergreen membership marketing strategy on quantitative and qualitative data, giving you a sound, reliable plan.


Comprehensive Audit

We’ll review metrics, marketing efforts & results, current landing page, lead magnet(s), marketing automation, customer feedback, support requests, refund policy, pricing, engagement, content release schedule, competitors, and more.

Evergreen Membership Marketing Strategy

Learn how, where, and when to promote your community in order to maximize your sales and clearly communicate the amazing value you have to offer.

Additional Evergreen Optimization

Lead magnet support including email automation copywriting and setup; Strategic recommendations for landing page improvement; Pricing & Risk Reversal recommendations and more.


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