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Because the world needs more than hot-for-now influencers who only care about making bank. We live for empowerment and enabling others to do their best work. We show up in service because we know that we all win when we work together, for the greater good.

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Amanda Northcutt | The Strategist

A sharper brain and kinder soul you will not find. As Founder & CEO Amanda’s vision from 30,000 feet is boundless. Systems are her love language – and she speaks it fluently. You’re winning if she’s on your team. Read her bio to see why.

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Natalie Williams | The Money

Nat is Head of Revenue Strategy. She’s a data wiz with big vision and a big heart to match. Her motto is: More money, No problems. Check out her impressive background below.

Natalie Williams Level Up Creators Headshot
Bruno de Figuerdo Level Up Creators Headshot

Bruno De Figueredo | Tech Boss

Can we talk about Bruno? This is who you want on your team when you need pro technology systems to handle your business upgrade. And Marketing Automations? He eats those for breakfast.

Natalie Williams Level Up Creators Headshot

Caroline Carter | The Closer

Caroline is known for aligning the right deals with the right creators and brands. A FinTech background, and savvy with pitches, she helps creators position themselves to win.

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Erin Horner Level Up Creators Headshot

Erin Horner | The Maestro

Our Director of Operations, Erin, is an organizational genius. She’s known for slaying Notion dashboards and managing multiple email accounts, all without missing a beat.

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Kyle Northcutt | The Tech Wiz

Kyle is our editor extraordiare, cutting up content to make it sharp and sharable. He’s also a student, serial entrepreneur and the host and founder of the Kids Learn Careers podcast!

See what others have to say.

"He's a goldmine"

I can’t quite explain the magic he works for companies using marketing automation, and so on, but when it comes to cross-functional skills, Bruno’s a goldmine.
If you need to quickly level up, have a chat with him. In fact, I’m going to call him for a coffee now.

Fabiano Braida, VE Projects

Chris Lema Recommends

I get calls every single week asking who I could recommend to help with their membership site. Amanda Northcutt is on my short list every time. She knows her stuff.


Chris Lema | World renowned WordPress strategy consultant & speaker

Vision Realized

Working with Joy is pure magic! She was able to fully understand my vision and bring it to life. She was very patient and brought in her unique creative genius to create a finished product that went beyond what I had envisioned! I would hands down recommend working with Joy.

Vanessa Bowen, Mint Worthy

Exceptional skills

Natalie possesses exceptional marketing skills and has the ability to implement data-driven strategies. She has a keen eye for detail and is always willing to experiment with new approaches to find what works best for our target audience.


Harps Magnat, Marketri

Outstanding Consultant

Erin’s remarkable expertise and guidance were crucial in optimizing my company’s processes and enhancing efficiency. From initial consultation to implementation, she listened attentively to my requirements and provided personalized solutions that surpassed my expectations. Her meticulous attention to detail and ability to convey complex ideas in a clear manner made the entire process seamless.

Josh Burns, Innovate Design Build

Best Coach

Bruno is among the best Coaches we have at start2impact University. Students are thrilled with the support they receive on their practical projects in Marketing Automation and Funnel Marketing. He does his job with immense passion, and we’re truly grateful to have him.

Gherardo Liguori, start2impact University

Your Vision + Our Team

Ready to see your business grow to new heights? Tell us a little about you and let’s get to work.


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Northcutt Ventures, LLC

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