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Hand Up Coaching

The right guidance to keep you moving forward.

Got a burning business problem that you need to solve right now? Our private, 1:1 coaching will get you unstuck, feeling clear and set up to take action.

Get direct access to expert advice laser-focused on your needs.

Hands On Consulting

No fluff here. Just results.

Fully customizable engagements that meet you exactly where you are. We work closely with you, as long as you need, to make meaningful change that lasts.

Whether you need a 10-day sprint or longer-term support, we’ve got you.

All Hands Business Team

The heavy lifting of business building done for you.

You’re done with DIY options and juggling freelancers, right? Great! Welcome to your next level. While your expertise is the core of the business, we provide everything you need to run like a well oiled Bugatti – no MBA required.

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Business, simplified.

Most digital creators are leaving anywhere from $500K to $5M on the table each year. Why? Mainly overwhelm, limited bandwidth or limited know-how to fully optimize their audience and their creative genius.

Our streamlined process eliminates the guesswork and creates a clear pathway for your business to thrive. You’ll have a team with the experience, mindset and muscle to get it done. Reach out and let us help you maximize the returns on the work you’re already doing.

Level Up Creators Team

Get to know the team.

A full house of business skills in marketing, sales, product development, customer support, administration and more –  you’re in good hands with us.

See what others have to say.

"Exceptional Skills"

As Operations Director, Erin demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. One of her key strengths is her ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while ensuring that each project is completed on time and within budget. She has a keen eye for detail, and her analytical skills have been invaluable in identifying areas where we can improve our operations.

Gary Peters, Non-profit Executive

Valuable Time

An hour with Amanda was time very well spent! It sparked a lot of discussion among our team and has led to meaningful changes in how we approach sales. Count yourself among the luckiest of salespeople if you get to spend time with Amanda.

Jimmy Daly, Animalz 

Optimized, fast

My business has been running well, but I’ve realized that we could be more efficient and deliberate in building for the long term. Working with Amanda was an amazing experience. She asked excellent, focused questions to help me get clarity. In a very short time she was able to redirect my focus and put systems in place to build profit centers in areas I enjoyed working on, and helped me develop a plan to reach my financial and lifestyle goals.

Andrew Kilzer, TexAgs Production Group

Need to know more?

I already have a business and sell products. How would this work for me?

Awesome! Our business exists to grow your business. We are experts at efficiently gathering truckloads of context and info on what you currently have going on so that we can proceed together in the most productive, seamless way possible. We work with you to create strategic roadmaps for the next steps, no matter what those are. Whether you want to sell more of what you’re already selling, launch new product lines, or offer new services like memberships or coaching we develop a plan based on your needs and goals. And we help you bring that plan to life. 

I already have a team. What happens if I want to work with you?

Many hands make light work! We can customize our team involvement to augment the resources you already have. We love collaborating and can’t wait to get to know the incredible humans on your existing team! Let’s talk to see how we can best serve you.

How much does consulting cost?

Our professional consulting engagements are customized to each client needs. Rates vary based on what our team is doing and the outcomes you will achieve based on our work. We work primarily with set project fees with a well defined scope, not hourly rates – so you’ll know exactly what to expect!

Expect project fees to begin at ~$3500 and go well into 5-figures depending on the work to be done. If you’re looking for advice on a product roadmap and the research required to get it right, you’ll be on the lower end of that scale.

If you need a bespoke membership product set up from scratch, including things like: done-for-you launch & evergreen marketing plan and implementation, conversion & LTV maximization and tracking, a graphics suite, content management system creation, a custom how-to step-by-step manual to run the membership long term, financial projections & tracking dashboard, community coaching & curation, all email automations build and written and properly triggered, not to mention building your membership using our fave platform (shoutout to MemberUp!) we’re talking about a $40K minimum.

We also offer a Sprint Package which is a 10-day commitment that starts at $7500.

What is the Setup fee for the All Hands Business Team? Ongoing fees?

The short answer is, it depends. We estimate between $20,000 and $75,000 for Setup, but truly, this is customized for each creator while taking into account about 40 variables, which we assess in detail before providing you with a quote.

Ongoing fees include a small monthly retainer, which is a flat fee plus a share of revenue. The ongoing revenue split may vary widely depending on what’s going on in your business before we begin work together. The split will be equitable and create a major win-win scenario for both of us.

Level Up is here to build sustainable creator wealth – of the forget-you-ever-had-a-day-job-never-stress-about-money-again variety.

What if I need your services, but don't have the money?

Let’s chat and see what’s what, honestly. If you’re sitting on a gold mine, we’ll likely be willing to take a risk on a revenue share and/or equity stake in your business and share in the success that we achieve together. We typically only work with mid-tier creators who have successfully sold at least one product to their audience. But fill out the form below and let’s meet!

Your Vision + Our Team

Ready to see your business grow to new heights? Tell us a little about you and let’s get to work.


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