Nov 8, 2023

How To Create a Thriving Membership Community

Amanda Northcutt and Amy Sangster of MemberUp dig into the value of membership communities for adding stable, recurring revenue to a creator business model.

Show Notes

Host: Amanda Northcutt

Guest: Amy Sangster, Founder & CEO of MemberUp

In this episode of the Level Up Creators Podcast, Amanda Northcutt and Amy Sangster discuss how to build a thriving membership community as a creator. Amy shares her journey as a creator and CEO of Member Up, emphasizing the importance of understanding members’ needs and providing a transformational experience. They provide practical tips for launching a membership, including doing a “Seed Member Launch” and focusing on delivering the first content live. They also highlight the key ingredients for a successful membership, including an aligned offer, connection with members, core curriculum, community, ritual content, and simplicity. They wrap up the episode with next steps for launching a membership and resources for further learning.



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