Sep 29, 2023

How To Launch Your Own Merchandise Line

Amanda Northcutt interviews product manufacturing experts Mike Davis and social media marketer Michael Belnap of Brand Origin to discuss the ins and outs of launching a product line for creators.

Show Notes

Host: Amanda Northcutt
Guests: Mike Davis of Brand Origin; Michael Belnap of Brand Origin

Launching a merchandise line is a powerful tool for digital creators to expand their business. Amanda Northcutt interviews product manufacturing expert Mike Davis and serial entrepreneur and social media marketer Michael Belnap, both of Brand Origin. They discuss the benefits and key considerations for digital creators launching a product line. 

Mike Davis explains that indicators for launching a product line include:

  • receiving inquiries from followers about the products you use, 
  • having a unique demographic with high engagement, and 
  • finding success in directing followers to purchase certain items. 

On the other hand, indicators that it may not be the right time to launch a product line include low engagement and a mismatch between the product and the audience. The experts recommend starting small and testing the market with a few products before expanding the line. They stress the importance of regular posting and marketing efforts to promote the products 



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