Nov 16, 2023

How To Level Up Your Video Content

Amanda Northcutt interviews Aaron Francis, the creator behind the successful course They discuss Aaron's creator journey and some tips and insights into creating high-quality video content.

Show Notes

Host: Amanda Northcutt

Guest: Aaron Francis, Creator of

In this episode, Aaron Francis, a software developer, keynote speaker, and creator of, joins Amanda Northcutt on the Level Up Creators podcast. They discuss the process of creating high-quality video content and the barriers that often hinder creators from doing so. Aaron emphasizes the importance of defining your audience and angle, conducting research, and planning your content before recording. He also provides tips for improving your videos, such as minimizing distractions and editing efficiently. Aaron shares recommendations for equipment, including microphones like the Shure MV7 and webcams like the Canon M50, as well as the benefits of using external lights for better lighting. He encourages creators to put themselves out there and overcome their fear of being public, as doing so can lead to new opportunities and luck. Aaron also discusses his guidelines for Twitter participation, which include encouraging others, being positive, and sharing what you’re working on. Overall, Aaron’s course and advice aim to help creators produce high-quality video content that engages their audience effectively.



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