Dec 13, 2023

How To Make High-Value Brand Deals

Join Our CEO Amanda Northcutt and Head of Sales Caroline Carter as they reveal insights on making high-value brand deals. Learn helpful tips on pricing and negotiation as well as how to avoid making costly rookie mistakes.

Show Notes

Hosts: Amanda Northcutt & Caroline Carter

Amanda and Caroline discuss brand deals and how creators can navigate them successfully. They share insights on pricing, and maximizing revenue. They also explore how creators can protect themselves from being taken advantage of, and ways to create scalable brand deals.

They emphasize the importance of market research, leveraging knowledge, and bundling pricing to increase revenue. They also provide key tips on negotiating brand deals, understanding objectives, and asking the right questions.

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Pricing: Understand your value and uniqueness, and consider the return on investment for each brand deal.
  • Research: Check the brand’s reputation, venture capital funding, and previous brand deals.
  • Objectives: Ask about the brand’s goals and target audience to ensure a good fit.
  • Scalability: Focus on scalable content creation, such as courses or podcast series.
  • Organization: Use a content creation calendar, outsource time-consuming tasks, and keep careful records.
  • Documentation: Keep track of brand deals and create comprehensive checklists.



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