Oct 24, 2023

How To Make Money As A Creator: Part 2

Amanda Northcutt and Natalie Williams explore the vast range of options available to digital creators for increasing income in their business. Part 2 of the series explores digital products.

Show Notes

Hosts: Amanda Northcutt & Natalie Williams

In this episode, Amanda Northcutt, Founder and CEO of Level Up Creators, is joined by Natalie Williams, Head of Revenue Strategy, for the second part of their discussion on how creators can make money online. They delve into specific digital products including, online challenges, template, workbooks and guides, ebooks, software and apps and more.

When it comes to online challenges, they explain what they are and how they can be delivered to the audience. They provide examples such as writing consistently, improving relationships, or running marketing automation campaigns. They emphasize the importance of creating a sense of community and delivering daily prompts and encouragement.

They also discuss workbooks and guides, and how these products can solve specific problems for a creator’s audience. They recommend tools like Canva to help with visually appealing design and share tips on pricing strategies.

Physical or digital templates like landing pages, design templates, and budgeting templates are great options for creators to develop and monetize. They highlight the flexibility of templates, which can be sold individually or in bundles, and how they can serve as a low-risk entry point for customers.

Throughout the episode, Amanda and Natalie stress the importance of marketing automation to maximize sales and provide valuable experiences for customers. They also touch on pricing products and the need to value one’s work, considering factors like willingness to pay and industry norms.



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