How To Make Money As A Digital Creator. Part 3: Coaching & More

In this third installment of our series, we’ll focus on some of the more high-value ways creators can monetize their expertise, including one-on-one coaching, group coaching cohorts, and digital info products.

Let’s dive in!

One-On-One Coaching & Consulting

One-off coaching or consulting sessions make for great lead magnets if you’re just starting out. But today we’re going to talk about pricing these types of services for immediate revenue.

An interesting strategy here is to use paid one-on-one sessions as a “loss leader” to upsell customers to a larger package, like a group cohort. The key is overdelivering value in that initial session. Customers didn’t pay just to be sold to – they paid for your expertise. Deliver on your promises and they’ll be hungry for more of your wisdom.

“If you overdeliver value in that first session, customers will be asking what else they can buy from you.”

When that happens, gently present the additional offerings you have available. This process of upselling maximizes a customer’s lifetime value. To earn the most from each customer over time, you need a strategy that converts one-time buyers into high-value repeat customers.

I’ll share a personal example of how this worked on me. I hired an amazing designer named Michelle Dew to design my home office remotely. She:

  • Had an efficient intake process to understand my needs & budget
  • Created a thoughtful plan with recommendations
  • Provided links to buy everything I needed
  • Capped it off with a wrap-up call for any final questions

It was a great experience – she delivered exactly as promised. And then she upsold me on additional design services, which I was happy to purchase after seeing her skills in action.

“Don’t think certain industries can’t be done remotely. We can now do so much more online than ever before.”

What Michelle did is an example of a productized service – she systemized and streamlined her process while still providing an excellent customized experience. Consider productizing your offerings to scale your business without sacrificing quality.

Digital Information Products

Let’s shift gears to focus on digital info products you can sell, like ebooks, courses, and workbooks.


Ebooks are a great low-lift way to establish your authority. A 10-20k word ebook is far less intimidating than writing a full book, but can still showcase your expertise.

Price based on how narrow your niche is and the uniqueness of your content. Similarly, consider your audience’s loyalty – engaged followers will pay more. For a thought leadership focused ebook, $15+ is reasonable depending on your industry.

Use tools like Kindle Create, Atticus, or even Canva to format and design your ebook. If you’re tech-savvy, publish both PDF and Kindle versions. You can even record an audiobook on Audible!

Promote your ebook launch everywhere – email lists, social media, etc. Share sneak peeks as you write to build excitement. Take preorders to fund printing costs if you do a physical version.

Ebook covers can help catch readers’ eyes – invest in great design!

Additional Digital Products

Other digital products creators can sell include:

  • Printables – coloring pages, habit trackers, wall art, etc. These are easy to make in Canva.
  • Courses – Pre-recorded lessons & materials on a topic. Host on Teachable or Podia.
  • Workbooks – Interactive PDFs and worksheets. Pair with a course for added value.

These types of products can work well as low-cost entry level purchases that lead customers to buy more expensive products from you later on. The key is relentlessly providing value.

Group Coaching & Course Cohorts

Now let’s discuss an advanced (and highly lucrative) option – group coaching and course cohorts.

These are a series of live, virtual small group sessions held over a period of weeks or months. Students get access to all the materials as well, creating a transformative learning experience.

Pricing for group coaching can vary. We’ve seen creators earn well into the six figures with a single cohort. You can potentially run multiple per year and quickly scale your revenue.

“A 100 person cohort at $1000 a seat is $100k in revenue – all from your expertise.”

There’s an important caveat here: this does require significant work – not just developing excellent content, but also filling seats. You need serious trust and clout with your audience to convince people to invest $1k+ on a cohort.

For help developing and selling a cohort, reach out to us. We can handle the entire process so you just have to show up and share your genius!

The Choice Is Yours

We’ve looked a wide range of options for digital creators to make money online. Part 1 covered online courses. Part 2 looked at digital products like ebooks, templates and challenges. Here we’ve discussed offering one-on-one paid coaching or consulting sessions; as well as running a high-ticket group coaching cohort. If you’re struggling to choose the right kind of products or services could you offer your audience, reach out. Level Up Creators can help guide you on the best path to create the lifestyle and business you truly want.

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