MRR Maximization Playbook

Get a detailed plan of action to optimize and scale your entire membership product.

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What’s Included

Get professional-level guidance from a recurring revenue expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. Receive a complete audit and custom playbook or choose to have the implementation done for you. Book a call to learn more.


Comprehensive Audit

We’ll review your metrics, marketing efforts & results, current landing page, lead magnet(s), marketing automation, customer feedback, support requests, refund policy, pricing, engagement, content release schedule, competitors, community engagement, your offer (core value proposition), full churn analysis, membership tech stack, and more.

MRR Maximization Playbook

Your audit will give us the full story of where your membership stands; your custom MRR Maximization Playbook will give you the step-by-step actions you need to take in order to bridge the gap from your current situation to a 7+ figure membership, that runs like a well-oiled machine while creating a value-rich experience for your amazing members. We’ll start with Quick Wins and design your playbook so that the most impactful things happen first!

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Playbook Implementation

If desired, upon delivery of your Playbook, we can create a custom project quote to carry out some or all of the work we recommend, but the playbook will be quite comprehensive and specific if you’d rather DIY it!


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