Money Management

All the benefits of a CFO, without the price tag. It includes financial modeling, forecasting, budget creation, strategy setting, and bookkeeping.

Package Details

What’s Included

This Finance & Accounting Package covers everything a savvy creator business needs for excellent bookkeeping and financial performance.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We’ll handle your vendor Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable and month-end accounting.

Annual Budget & Financial Forecasting

We’ll work with you on creation, maintenance, and reporting for your annual budget and forecasting for the upcoming year.

Audits & Recommendations for Expenses + Insurance

Get expert eyes on your business expenses and sound guidance on alternatives for insurance and your other business needs.

Amortization Schedule

We will create and and maintain an amortization schedule for your pre-paid expenses.

Cash & Account Tracking

We can create, maintain, and report on your cash and accounts. We’ll identify where exactly your cash is and how it’s tracked.

Quickbooks Online

To set you up for success – and tax time – we’ll set up and maintain a Quickbooks account.

Quantitative Analysis

We’ll advise you on what strategic and tactical pivots should be made, if any, given trends in the numbers.

Spending Policy

We’ll create a spending policy for you and provide guidelines to help you stick to it.


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