Nov 16, 2023

What Exactly is Marketing Automation

Amanda Northcutt and Natalie Williams take an in-depth look at what Marketing Automation is and how creator educators can use it to help scale their business.

Show Notes

Hosts: Amanda Northcutt & Natalie Williams

Marketing automation is a software and system that allows you to communicate with your subscribers at scale, on their terms. It functions as an automated sales machine that works around the clock to lead your subscribers on a customer journey that ends in a purchase or other desired action. By using marketing automation effectively, you can provide personalized interactions with your customers and solve their problems, leading to more sustainable growth and increased customer value. It also provides opportunities for feedback at scale, helping you make data-driven decisions. Marketing automation is suitable for anyone selling products or services online, and it can be implemented using tools such as ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign. It is not necessary to be highly technical to use these tools, and you can start with simple email automations before expanding to more complex strategies. By mapping out your ideal customer journey and understanding the steps your customers take from discovery to purchase, you can design your marketing automation to guide them along this path and remove any friction points.



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